Want Button = Social Buying Power, No Developer Needed

Linda Bustos nails an explanation of the marketing power behind the next generation of social media tools – verbs/actions -  a concept still over-the-heads of some digital marketers, but will surely become as obvious as traditional (can we say that yet?) social media.

In her post, she outlines how, in order to unleash the power of these new verbs we, as developers, are responsible for teaching users how to interact and share via these new gestures.  As verbs like Want, Love, Wear, Ask, Listen start to shimmy up next to like, simply throwing them on your site won’t cut it.

Bustos points  to Facebook’s new sharing buttons through Open Graph, and the multiple custom integrations popping up that are attempting to help users understand these new ways of sharing until the behavior tips and becomes just another social-media norm.

Photo Credit: examiner.com

And we agree.

It is this concept – and the incredible marketing power behind social gestures – that drives Want.   Want is a social plug-in that delivers all of the “musts” of the social buying experience without the burden and cost of custom integrations.

Here’s why everyone’s scrambling to integrate:

  • Allow users to share what they want with their friends, empowering them to be brand advocates.
  • Provide incredibly detailed behavioral information on audiences to create targeted email, social and digital marketing campaigns.

We’re excited to be in this business.  It is just unfolding.

We can’t expect our users to take the time to figure out how to interact with all these new gestures .  We have to show them benefit immediately, or our new buttons, applications, actions and verbs will join other good, but poorly executed digital concepts in the WWW’s cemetery. 


Hayley Bierkle

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